At Iron & Silk our philosophy has always been workouts don't work, programs do.  Programs are about efficiency.  What is programming?  Programming is incorporating both physical and mental activities without bringing too much science into it. The mind and body need to be connected. 

  • Our Mission: To provide a consistent level of member service that rivals a 5 Star Hotel...a focused caring team anticipating our members and each other's needs...resulting in the finest fitness and wellness experience anywhere.

Stuart Burton's proprietary S.A.F.E Method (specialized, accumulative, fiber, engagement).  This method will ensure that your guests are able to learn how to heal, sculpt, shape and define their bodies in a healthy, safe and productive manner.

Our East Village Personal Training Facility:
The focus is not on leather couches and chandeliers, but bringing up competent, passionate, and real athletes in to help people of all levels to reach their goals and maximize their potential.